18th Century London

A cultural movement of intellectuals, emphasising reason and individualism rather than tradition, was established, otherwise known as the “Age of Enlightenment”.

Ideas cemented by such traditions were challenged and through intellectual exchange and scientific method, boundaries were pushed and perceptions broadened.

As London’s first coffee houses began to spring up during this time, two Oxford scholars, Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele saw the opportunity to bring together like-minded people into a space where intellectual conversation and debate could flourish, fueled by caffeine.

Now in the 21st Century as purveyors of Specialty Coffee we invite you into our coffee house, as we apply these same ideologies to our craft for you to enjoy as you converse, debate and laugh…

North Perth

Our Flagship Store

We invite you to our store in North Perth to enjoy our beautiful space as we aim to deliver top quality coffee and service.

We take coffee pretty seriously. You’ll find on offer multiple coffees to be enjoyed over a range of different brew methods including espresso and filter, each cup treated with great attention to detail during preparation and extraction. These same coffees are also available for you to take home and enjoy, if you need some gear to get your brewing addiction started, we have you covered.

We work closely with Small Batch Roasting Co. to develop a deep understanding of all the coffees we serve. Everyday our coffees are analysed and tested by our baristas to ensure maximum flavour and consistency.

Please enjoy our journey of discovery as we introduce you to new flavours and unlock the potential of our coffee.

Our Coffee

Small Batch Roasting Co.

Small Batch Roasting Company LogoWe proudly serve coffee roasted by Small Batch Roasting Co. in North Melbourne and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you here in Perth.

We share the same beliefs, that Coffee can be better. If you are ever in Melbourne make sure you check these guys out.

You can experience their coffee at either flagship store, Auction Rooms in North Melbourne or Filter in the CBD.

Website: www.smallbatch.com.au
Follow on Twitter: @smallbatchroast / @auction_rooms / @filterbysb


Contact us

Suite 1, 448 Fitzgerald St
North Perth WA 6006

0466 223 994

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